Dipline system

The Dipline system is based on 2cm thin panels sized 2,50 × 1,20 m. The panels are manufactured of polyurethane foam with two conductive films inside.

Dipline technology

DIPLINE is a unique technology in the world practice, allowing to shine any premise with hundreds of lamps without using wires. A light panel, which is not louder than 3 kg, consists of polyurethane, filled with two current-carrying layers.

Dipline technology

This «sandwich» structure allows placing spotlights in any part of the panel, taking them out without disconnecting system and removing them at your sole discretion.

DIPLINE scope:

  • Dipline in public premises
  • Dipline In premises
  • Dipline installation
  • Floors
  • Dipline shops, show-windows, scenery

Dipline news

The photoreport and results of Dipline Seminar 2009

The photoreport and results of «Dipline Seminar 2009» (russian language).

Dipline's workshop

Interrogation on definition of theme for forthcoming seminar is spent.

Diplomas and awards of Dipline panel

The wireless system of illumination Dipline was generally recognised on numerous of exhibition in Europe and Russia.

Dipline in a cafe interior

The wireless system of illumination Dipline will help to create original design of cafe interior.

Dipline photos from MosBuild 2009

Dipline ceilings where presented on building and interior to exhibition - MosBuild 2009.

Some notes about dipline panels:

Dipline is a unique technology in the world that allows to shine any premise with hundreds of lamps without using any wires.

A light panel, which is not louder than 3 kg, consists of polyurethane, filled with two layers. This «sandwich» structure of dipline allows to place spotlights in any part of the panel, taking them out without disconnecting system and removing them at your sole discretion.

Dipline offers a whole range of ready to use low voltage conducting panels, spotlights, various transformers and standard products. DIPLINE is the innovate, modular and adaptable solution for your point of sale advertising.