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Dipline is an ideal solution for ceiling decorating. It is as easy to install as plaster slab. Fix the panel with any fixing elements or glue. The only nuance is to avoid a contact of metal screws and conductive layers that could cause a short circuit.

Dipline often install in a combination with plaster slab and other building materials. And as for its installation the space necessary for another system from the basic ceiling is not required, Dipline becomes the ideal decision for old houses with low ceilings, and for creation of a multilevel ceiling.

The panels are irreversible that allows using their two faces. To pose the panels, use the same materials as for ceiling.


In the same way Dipline is used for decoration of walls. You have no need to use the whole panels; they may be cut up to the minimal width of 10 mm for illumination of separate elements of a decor. It is possible to use bilateral of panels. Multicolor caps Dipline used along with the «Lucioles» make it universal for creating advertising stands and light compositions. Principles of installation are the same, as for a ceiling.


Dipline panels can be used for illumination of a floor. For this purpose the parquet, a laminate or any other flooring covering thickness from 10mm is required. Panels are put under a covering; there in the necessary places punching is made. The «lucioles» inserted into apertures are closed with special flat caps.

Installation in 6 stages

1) Installation of panels

  • The isolated fixing elements (through every 40 sm)
  • Any types of glue
  • For a brick — a screw, a washer, the plug, concrete insert
  • For gypsum cardboard — self-rolled concrete insert
  • For concrete — a concrete insert nail

2) Connection

  • We increase the useful area …
  • The first panel to the transformer, and the following to each other..

3) Alignment of a surface

  • Easy front putty

4) The Covering (on a choice)

  • Preliminary: 1 layer of a dense paper (+ 1,5 hour.)

5) Painting

  • 2 times

6) Installation of micro lamps and fixtures.

  • The quantity of lamps depends on the power of the transformer …