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DIPLINE is a unique technology in the world practice, allowing to shine any premise with hundreds of lamps without using wires. A light panel, which is not louder than 3 kg, consists of polyurethane, filled with two current-carrying layers. This «sandwich» structure allows placing spotlights in any part of the panel, taking them out without disconnecting system and removing them at your sole discretion.

The wide range of spotlights DIPLINE, from freakish exotic birds and abstract geometrical forms up to the «lucioles» with only 3 mm diameter, as well as its unique technical characteristics make possibilities of using these simple panels practically unlimited: a star map in your bedroom and the most complex art installations, a fairy tale in a children’s room and show-cases illumination in a jewel shop.

You are guided only by your own taste! Wall panelling, floor covering, ceiling systems, double-faced stands with light advertising text, illumination of show-windows and different decor element, restaurants, night clubs, hotels, television studio design -that is a short list of DIPLINE?s possibilities.

The advantages of using current-carrying panels are obvious:

  • it is beautiful, the wide range of spotlights and absence of wires make DIPLINE an art material absolutely different of fur-tree garlands;
  • it is economic: the panel does not consume electricity;
  • it is safe: the system works at12 or 24 volt;
  • it?s as simple as a children’s mosaic.

DIPLINE can be perfectly incorporated into suspended and stretch ceilings, plaster boards and other building materials, it almost doesn?t request any space above, so dipline is a perfect solution for old houses with ceilings less than 3 m.

At any moment without recalling to any professional support, you can completely change the figure of your ceiling, an illumination corner or an advertising text — enough to take the fixtures out and to pin them elsewhere. Make sure: light drawing is real!