Official Dipline site

The Dipline system is based on 2cm thin panels sized 2,50 × 1,20 m. The panels are manufactured of polyurethane foam with two conductive films inside. No more need to connect each fixture with a wire, simply pinning a spotlight wherever you want is enough to turn it on. The system is powered with a connector, plugged into the face or the edge of a panel and linked to a 12 Volt transformer.

Dipline has certain technical advantages never used before and actually reserved by international patent:

  • extremely light (less than 3 kg/m2)
  • hydrophobic
  • has good acoustic insulation properties
  • thermoresistant
  • reliable
  • easy to cut with a cutter or a bendable
  • works at 12 v, doesn?t consume electricity being a perfect conductor.

The system is as easy, as plaster slab to work with.

One connector may be enough for five linked panels, so (you can cover ever large surface you need) the surface that can be covered with Dipline is practically unlimited. Cover the bare panels with coating, paint finish, wallpapers and any fabric of your choice or use the finished panels covered in one or two faces with fabric of a wide color range and the panels covered with a white cardboard.

The wide range of spotlights let you create the subdued light of star sky (using the «lucioles» powered by 0,33 and 1 w) as well as a the daylight effect using the spots Dipline powered up to 50w. One panel?s power is up to 300w, that means almost 1000 «lucioles»!

A low voltage transformer (usually 12 volts) connects easily to panels with our connector system. is just plugged into the panel and linked to a 12 Volt halogen transformer.

Manufactured of polyurethane foam with aluminum film sandwich inside. You can create images using up to 900 different pin lights per panel or use it as a conventional lighting system spot lights from 10- 50 watts in a wide range of designs.