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SAITEC was founded in 1970 by Mr.Fox, an ETP engineer, in 1983 joined Mr.André-Jean Jolly?s group. Since that time, SAITEC has been recognized the leading manufacturer of polyurethane rigid and phenolic foam. The Company has over thirty years experience. Since 1994 SAITEC?s engineers pays special attention to its production processes to protect the environment, the production unit is taken under administrative control. This made SAITEC a valued supplier of some great companies: AEROSPATIALE, BENETEAU, DCN, LAMBERET, NKK, RENAULT. The laboratory of physical and chemical analysis, the highly qualified R&D staff and technical salesmen take SAITEC to work on huge building sites requiring high technology and allow its products to be sold on all five continents.

In December, 1993 Dipline was presented for the first time in Batimat Showroom. The new technology received a bronze medal for innovation and revolutionary light concept. Further development allowed bringing the technology to perfection.

The company has never did public advertising, but it was enough to present Dipline in «Advertising Show — 97» for receiving a steady flow of orders from the biggest representatives of show business, TV and ministries. The production is reserved for 36 months that is an exceptional fact for Europe.

So the clients of Dipline actually are:

  • France Telecom
  • Ministry of Aeronautics Industry
  • Ministry of Construction
  • Ministry of Housing
  • TF1
  • Nantes Airport
  • Cartier
  • NASA (USA)
  • MIT (USA)
  • Disney Land Paris
  • Disney Channel